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Jegs Consumables


Code: EA041020
(In Stock)
30 Amp 3 Terminal Junction Box Heavy Duty Spea0062h / Ppj053hd

Price: £3.58

Code: EA041050
(In Stock)
13 Amp Fused 3 Pin Plug Spea0069 / Ppj0064

Price: £1.98

Code: EA041080
(In Stock)
13 Amp Fused Black Rubber Plug Spea0071 / Ppj010b

Price: £3.34

Code: EA041340
(In Stock)
20 Meter Black Pvc Tape Spea0124 / Jg002b

Price: £11.96

Code: EA041410
(In Stock)
Earth Clamp Spea0131 / Ppj063a

Price: £1.98

Code: EA041590
(In Stock)
7.0mm Round Brown Cable Clips Spea0169p / Jb054br

Price: £0.9

Code: EA041700
(In Stock)
T2 Batten Holder With Skirt And Integral Rose Spea0028 / Ppj033t

Price: £4.98

Code: EA041500
(In Stock)
10.0mm T&e Grey Cable Clips Spea0156p / Jb0156p

Price: £5.58

Code: EA041510
(In Stock)
1.0mm T&e Grey Cable Clips Spea0157p / Jb055gy

Price: £0.8

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