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Code: VB001751
(In Stock)
Dewalt 13x150mm Extreme Masonary Drill Dt6689qz

Price: £7

Code: VB001752
(In Stock)
Dewalt 14x150mm Extreme Masonary Drill Dt6690qz

Price: £7.64

Code: VB001753
(In Stock)
Dewalt 16x150mm Extreme Masonary Drill Dt6692qz

Price: £9.96

Code: VB001754
(In Stock)
Dewalt 9x120mm Extreme Masonary Drill Dt6684qz

Price: £4.27

Code: VB002090
(In Stock)
Dewalt 5.5x160mm Sds Plus Drill Bit Dt9509qz

Price: £3.02

Code: VB002100
(In Stock)
Dewalt 6x160mm Sds Plus Drill Bit Dt9515qz

Price: £3.57

Code: VB002110
(In Stock)
Dewalt 6.5x160mm Sds Plus Drill Bit Dt9520qz

Price: £3.71

Code: VB002120
(In Stock)
Dewalt 7x160mm Sds Plus Drill Bit Dt9525qz

Price: £3.88

Code: VB002130
(In Stock)
Dewalt 8x160mm Sds Plus Drill Bit Dt9529qz

Price: £4.02

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