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Festool Accessories


Code: VB030190
(In Stock)
Festool Planer Blade Ehl65 488503

Price: £12.35

Code: VB030330
(In Stock)
Festool Jigsaw Blades Quick Cut S75/4 Fsg5 (5) 486551

Price: £13.4

Code: VB030460
(In Stock)
Festool Jigsaw Blades Bimetal Hs75/2 5 Bi/5 (5) 490178

Price: £16.4

Code: VB030340
(In Stock)
Festool Jigsaw Blades Quick Cut S105/4 Fsg/5 (5) 486552

Price: £17.4

Code: VB032600
(In Stock)
Festool Plug It Lead 240v Gb 490650

Price: £18.95

Code: VB032140
(In Stock)
Festool Dust Bags For Midi Ct/ctl 494105

Price: £19.6

Code: VB032010
(In Stock)
Festool Splinterguard Strip Transparent 5m 495209

Price: £20.6

Code: VB030830
(In Stock)
Festool 80 Grit Abrasive Sheet 50 X 150mm 492981 496587

Price: £27.7

Code: VB032540
(In Stock)
Festool Screw Clamps (per Pair) 489570

Price: £27.85

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