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Bolts & Studding


Code: WB001360
(In Stock)
M8x135 Hammer Fixing 958284

Price: £0.26

Code: WB001390
(In Stock)
M8x60 Frame Fixing 950113

Price: £0.18

Code: WB001430
(In Stock)
M8x135 Frame Fixing 950151

Price: £0.31

Code: WB001440
(In Stock)
M10x80 Frame Fixing 950115

Price: £0.13

Code: WB001460
(In Stock)
M10x120 Frame Fixing 939629

Price: £0.18

Code: WB001470
(In Stock)
M10x135 Frame Fixing ***

Price: £0.22

Code: WB001480
(In Stock)
M10x160 Frame Fixing 950118

Price: £0.25

Code: WB001530
(In Stock)
Pvc Corrugated Sheet Fixing Pack (10) Code 35000

Price: £1.28

Code: WB001560
(In Stock)
Prepacked Plasterboard Fixings Metal (10) Bb0968t70710 285599

Price: £4.17

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