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Jegs Consumables


Code: EA040010
(In Stock)
Active Krypton Lantern 25160

Price: £8.46

Code: EA040140
(In Stock)
1.0mm 3183y 10amp3c Cut Wh/flex 10m Aprx Cab02510 / Cc02410

Price: £8.98

Code: EA040280
(In Stock)
2.5mm 6242y Twin&earth Cable 50m Ja003fh

Price: £61.08

Code: EA040290
(In Stock)
6.0mm 6242y Twin&earth Cable 50m Ja005fh

Price: £94.06

Code: EA040480
(In Stock)
2 Gang 13 Amp Switched Socket Sp Spea0004 / Ppj072t

Price: £2.18

Code: XX090745
(In Stock)
Lighthouse Rechargeable Multi Function Flip-top Led Light Xmas Special 2011 Xms11bolt

Price: £34.27

Code: EA020040
(In Stock)
Lighthouse 6v Torch C/w Battery Mist996

Price: £4.96

Code: EA020050
(In Stock)
Lighthouse 8 Led Head Torch

Price: £4.44

Code: EA040270
(In Stock)
1.5mm 6242y Twin&earth Cable 50m Ja002fh

Price: £28.38

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