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MAKITA Accessories


Code: VB020220
(In Stock)
Makita 150mm Recip Blade For Wood (5) 4 Teeth/in P-04999

Price: £6.2

Code: VB020032
(In Stock)
Makita 85mm Torsion Pz2 Bits (3pc) B-12790

Price: £16

Code: VB020040
(In Stock)
Makita 6mm X 160mm Performance Sds Drill Bit P-29262

Price: £2

Code: VB020060
(In Stock)
Makita 8mm X 160mm Performance Sds Drill Bit P-29359

Price: £3

Code: VB020115
(In Stock)
Makita Bit Ph2 141mm Suits 6834 P43913

Price: £28.98

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